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Opt-In Marketing

RexTrack provides opt-in marketing services

    • We make sure that the customers you contact are people who are truly interested in receiving your marketing materials
    • We value our clients and our goal is to find them customers that value them as well
    • Opt-in marketing will allow you to build a list of long-term clients

What is double opt-in marketing?
As in opt-in marketing, users must actively check a box or answer “yes” to subscribe to a newsletter or to receive third-party promotions. However, with double opt-in, there is an extra step to ensure that the user is aware of her choice. In other words, the user must opt-in TWICE. An email is sent to the user and marketing materials will only be sent if the person confirms, via this email, that she has agreed to receive additional promotions, offers or emails. This also provides an added benefit to the advertiser as it validates that the email address does, in fact, exist.