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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between RexTrack and list purchase or rental services?
RexTrack does not buy, sell or rent lists. We provide customized co-registration solutions and lead generation campaigns for your business. The leads you receive are individuals who have opted-in to your list.

How does RexTrack validate email addresses?
RexTrack leverages third party validation tools to ensure the email addresses you receive are deliverable. Campaigns can also be negotiated on a double-opt in basis. This would require the potential customer to confirm receipt of an email.

What information is collected for each lead?
Typical data includes contact details, basic demographic information, date and time of opt in subscriber… Targeted questions to collect other information, such as credit ratings, or type of cars owned, may be placed into the campaign structure to further qualify a lead and to ensure the leads meet buyers’ requirements.

Will anyone else be receiving the same leads?
Most of the leads we generate are sold on an exclusive basis and this exclusivity is written into the contract. If, for any reason, this is not the case, the terms are discussed with theclient prior to commitment.

What happens in the event of complaints and non-deliveries? Will you be compensated for recipients who complain?
Prior to contracting a campaign, a maximum scrub rate is negotiated into the contract so that there is a set percentage of leads may be returned for a refund. Given the quality of our technology and media buying expertise, our scrub rates are minimized and are often less than 10% - better than industry average.


Co-registrations: Generating leads by targeting users who have already signed up for services, content or offers that are similar to those that you offer

Custom Leads: The client indicates the lead information he would like to be collected from each user. This information is then exclusive and will not be resold

Data validation: The user is asked a custom question (e.g., “What is your gender?) so that only desired leads are sent to the client

Data verification: The User’s data is sent real-time to a third-party for verification. If the information is not valid, it is scrubbed. Some third-party verifiers also triangulate data to ensure that the phone number, address and/or email address actually belongs to the user

Double Opt-in Marketing: Users must actively check a box or answer “yes” to receive marketing materials AND confirm this choice via an email

Exclusive Leads: Leads are that are never resold to any other buyer

Opt-in Marketing: The user must actively check a box or answer “yes.” The default option is that they will NOT receive any offers

Opt-out Marketing: It is assumed that the user would like to receive marketing materials. The user must uncheck a box that is already checked.

Scrub rate: The percentage of data that can be returned due to invalid information submitted (e.g. phone, email address)